Community Organizing

The core of our work is a place-based approach to building a powerful base of members who create and lead solutions that address real issues in their communities and shift the balance of power. APANO Community United Fund’s organizing is rooted in the belief that those most affected by an issue should be the ones shaping the solutions.

Cultural Work

By elevating members’ stories and connecting them to issues, APANO Community United Fund aims to advance a long-term cultural strategy to impact beliefs, actions and policies through centering the voices of those most impacted and silenced, resisting and shifting harmful narratives and ideas, and moving beyond defensive strategies to envisioning alternatives.

Leadership Development

Through an organization-wide leadership development model, APANO Community United Fund aims to grow the analysis, skills and confidence of Asian and Pacific Islanders to take action to improve their lives and achieve social justice for future generations. We meet people where they are, ask critical questions, discuss the issues that are impacting their lives, collectively develop shared analyses, and support them in taking action and leadership together.

Jade District

The Jade District is dedicated to building the power, health, and stability of residents and businesses in the area. Based along SE 82nd Avenue and Division St., the Jade District is part of Prosper Portland’s Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative program, and is dedicated to helping the area develop without displacing is residents or businesses.

Policy Advocacy

APANO Community United Fund’s political advocacy and civic engagement work elevates issues through community engagement and research, connects with and mobilizes voters, and coordinates grassroots advocacy actions through member-led campaigns, in order to build power, win concrete changes and ensure all APIs have a voice in the policies and decisions that affect their lives.

Orchards of 82nd

In 2019 APANO Communities United Fund and our members and donors led the Roots to Rise campaign to build a cultural center that provides a safe, dynamic space for our community and protects us from the forces of displacement! We redeveloped the Jade/APANO Multicultural Space (JAMS) into a 5,000 square foot Cultural Center, public plaza, permanent home for us, now known as the Orchards of 82nd. This created a safe place for our community on the corner of 82nd Avenue and SE Division St.